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Memorial Plaques Carved and Engraved

Fine Quality Memorials and Plaques produced individually in-house by experienced craftsmen. Here you can find best value for money Low Cost Memorial Plaques - Grave Markers - Pet Memorial Paques. Prices from £20.

Memorial & Commemorative Plaques

At Affordable Memorials we pay a lot of attention to our customer's wishes, including the type of memorial they would like and the choice of materials used in their production.  All of our memorial plaques are affordably priced and are always very good value for money.

The choice of material for your memorial, grave marker or tree plaque often depends on its intended use. 

Corian Memorials:

Corian (a solid surface material) is a granitic material produced from a blend of fine quality minerals and acrylics.  It's non-porus surface prevents dirt and stains from penetrating the surface.  Marks or stains stay on the surface and can easily be removed with a smooth scotchbright pad and mild household cleaner.

When carved, engraved and profile cut Corian looks just like a granite memorial but at a fraction of the price and can normally be produced much quicker than a granite memorial.  We can and do, design every memorial differently and uniquely express your sentiment in a thoughtful and professional design.

Corian requires very little maintenance.

Brass Memorial and Commemorative Plaques:

We use engraved brass extensively for memorial plaques in various situations. Brass as you will be aware will last more or less forever. It may discolour over time but deep engraved brass will not lose it's lettering and can be refurbished to bring it back to a new fresh appearance. We normally offer to apply a protective clear lacquer coating developed precisely for brass protection. The life of the coating will deterioriate over time but will keep your brass memorial bright and fresh for some considerable time.  The plaque can of course be cleaned and re-laquered at any time to bring it back to it's former glory.

We use engraved brass plaques for Memorial Bench Plaques, Tree Memorial and Dedication Plaques, Garden Memorial Plaques and also for Pet Memorial Plaques.  Appart from the bench memprial plaques, these brass memorial plaques are usually intended for placing in the ground.  For this, we mount the brass plaque on a solid oak backing board, coated in OSMO UV Protection Oil - the best coating we have been able to source - and then fixed to either a solid oak ground stake or a black painted steel stake.  In both instances we fabricate them to allow the plaque to lie back at an angle to help viewing.  These memorial stakes are often used as Garden Memorials or in Garden of Remembrance situations and also as Tree Plaques.

Carved Oak Commemorative Plaques:

We also carve oak signs and memorials.  Oak Memorials can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes and as with our other memorials, we treat each one individually and produce the designs in discussion with the client. Solid Oak Memorials are all different as no two pieces of oak have the same grain - small knots and attractive figuring all contribute to the beauty of oak.  We also produce house signs in oak.


Engraved Laminate Grave Markers and Tree Plaques:

We use the Rigid version of this laminate; a Formica type material normally 3mm thick, very rigid with a low shine surface.  A very sturdy and hard wearing material used extensively in industry for signs and labels and allows for very accurate and fine engraving. This is a very popular choice for grave marker memorials.  We find the most common colour schemes are black or dark brown background with white lettering and detail. 



Memorial Illustrations:

We can ofcourse reproduce illustrations on all of our memorial plaques, be they in Corian, Brass, Oak or Laminate materials. As with all of our design processes, we prefer to discuss with the client and produce an illustration based on their own specific preferences, rather then offering a small collection of stock illustrations.  We want your memorial plaque to be as unique as possible and not to resemble something picked off the shelf.